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Bridgeland Race Report - A Slightly Different Perspective

Sorry...I've been a bit delinquent in my posts.  Honestly, I've been a bit discouraged by the foot injury, the resultant sub-optimal training and missing one of my favorite races (Bridgeland).  To top it all off, I'm responsible for screwing up Analise's first triathlon in 2 years.  Fortunately, that might mean I lose my job as her full time mechanic....

...or at least one can dream right?  Anyway, instead of posting my input on it, I thought I'd share Analise's race report instead of sharing my thoughts on it.  She got a bit verbose, but she's usually pretty entertaining!

Bridgeland 2013 Race Report

This report begins 2 years ago.  I was 9 weeks pregnant and did this race.  It was my final race pregnant.  I had a great race.  They messed up my time.  I was super pissed because I knew I wouldn't be racing again for at least another year....

Two weeks prior to the race, I pull the race results from 2011.  Behold!  The results had been corrected and I placed 3rd AG.  Andrew gets injured...I sign up for the ultimate REDEMPTION!!!!!

Saturday- the night prior.  I have been training consistently for about 5 weeks.  I am starting to feel it but I am not truly THERE yet.  I am still really excited to be racing again and this is my REDEMPTION race.  Andrew and I were busy all day running errands and picking up the packet (about a 3 hours affair with baby.)  We are hosting a dinner party that night as well, so we had a whole lot of prep work.  We get home with just enough time to start dinner and for Andrew to put my bike together.  I am running a HED disk in the rear and a HED Jet 6.  Andrew's question of course was whether I wanted a flat kit for a 13 mile course.  Normally I wouldn't take one for a race so short.  I would be riding a "naked" bike.  Since I haven't raced in a while, I said pack the flat kick because IF I did flat, I would replace and continue on so at least I would have some race data prior to IM Cozumel.  The HED Jet 6 needs a tube with a longer valve.  We discussed this at length.  The longer valve tube would be in my "bottle" and the short valve tube would be in my bike bag.

Our dinner party was a smashing success.  After which we got invited to a dinner at "Uchi" which is a premier restaurant in Houston.  We are a pretty awesome couple...

Race morning.  We wake up at 0400.  Departure time is 0445.  I do my race prep...get my bottles ready, eat a small breakfast.  We were a little late getting out the door and ended up leaving around 0500.  We get to the race later than anticipated, transition closes in 25 min!!!  IF Andrew was racing it would be the end of the No pressure.  Get the bike ready, and the baby with B.O.B. ready.  I am secretly excited that Andrew would have to "man" TJ (our baby) for the duration of the race.  TJ is very high energy.  I blame myself for running and working out while pregnant.  The kiddo just doesn't sit still.

Transition.  I get my stuff ready, do a double check.  Everything is ready.  It's a big race for Houston.  About 1500 participants.

Walk over...We run into an Awesome couple we know through Triathlon.  She is my age and is racing because her husband is "babysitting."  We really need to work it so only 1/4 of us needs to "babysit" while racing.  They are awesome.  At swim start we pack the B.O.B. with my gear and some of our friend's gear.  By the way, if you don't know friends who bring their kids to races, you are missing out.  Those strollers fit all kinds of stuff.  And it holds "A LOT."

I take my crocs off for race start.  I definitely step into a fire ant hill.  Painful.  The worst is the nest day where they puss up.  GROSS.

At swim start I run into my friend again.  We actually start the race together.  Unfortunately, she started on my left side.  (I drift left while swimming and I apologize Elizabeth for swimming over you!)  I swim the 500 meters.  I was a huge success.  I am an open water pa nicker.  The only time I had to breast stroke was when I was way far left.  I needed to sight to get back on course.  (Sorry Elizabeth if I reswam over you.)

I get out of transition feeling good.  I transition and talk to a guy coming back from the bike.  I signed up late, so my number was a mix with everyone who signed up late.  He stated I would have some wind on the way out...

I get my bike.  I  LOVE MY BIKE!  I am sort of angry with my parents for not getting me into it earlier.  My bike is awesome.  A purple Guru.  I call her P.P.E.  Purple People Eater.  and we do eat up the people on the bike.  I feel it...we are going to be awesome.

As I start, she seems a little wobbly.  I think that maybe it's because I do most of my training on her on the trainer and not on the road.  At the first turn, I almost go down.  I notice my front tire is flat.  I pull over a little bit later.  I am not panicked.  I know that Andrew and I discussed it.  I went to my kit.  I knew that I wouldn't place, but at least my coach could get good data.  I pull out the tube from my bottle.  Hmm...It's a short valve.  Maybe Andrew put it in my bike bag.  Nope.  Bike bag is definitely a short valve.  I am .25 miles into my bike on PPE and I have no way to change the tube.  I sit.  I ponder.  I walk back with my head hung low.  First Tri back in 2 years.  My REDEMPTION, and I am flatted on the course with no way forward, only a way back. 

At least I had a great swim.  I "TRIed."  I don't blame anyone but myself.  I should have checked everything myself.  I am in good sprints.

Good job to Triny and Meril!  You are my master heroes. 

I had fun.  That's what it's all about.  I finished the day with a 9 miler in the evening.  All in all...I swam 500m, rode .25, and ran 9.  I guess I did do a tri afterall.  

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