Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Let's get this started!

A blog?  Me?  Really?

As a general rule, I'm not a fan of personal blogs.  I enjoy those done by my friends, but I've always been in the camp of those folks who felt that everyone and their brother had a blog, and very few of them were really interesting.  I never saw myself throwing my hat in with that lot...

...yet here I am.  I've considered doing this before, but always figured it would just be another waste of my very limited time, with little real benefit.  Maybe that'll be the case, but I've taken a very different view on what the purpose of a blog is and who it's really for.

My audience is whoever cares to read this.  Family, friends, athletes, coworkers; all are welcome, but none are necessary.  This is for me.  A grown man's diary if you will, but more accurately just an outlet for all those conversations I have with myself during those workouts and long commutes.  If nothing else, putting them down in writing will help me stay focused, keep balance and keep a log for future reference. 

My hope is that others will find this interesting as well.  A good portion of this will be personal; my training, my life, my races, my family, etc..  However, I'm also going to discuss topics related to triathlon that I find interesting and that can be educational to others.  Training, diet, racing, coaching will all be discussed, with as much science, detail and evidence based conclusions as possible. 

In the next few days, I'll probably have an avalanche of posts to get some things started.  Don't expect that to continue; it's a slow week at work and there will be periods where this blog is so far down on the priority list that I may forget how to access my account!

Email me with questions, requested topics or any feedback.  

Disclaimer: I'm out of practice with writing, so I hope I improve over time.  I use too many exclamation marks and probably misuse punctuation regularly, but my hope is that my writing communicates more personality that I manage to do in real life!

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