Monday, December 9, 2013 it December already?

Well, there's no question about it now.  I'm not cut out for this blogging stuff.  The entire intent of this was to keep friends and family updated on my IM Cozumel training progress, and then I go complete radio silence for the 4 months leading up to the race!  Yes, the race was December 1st.  That was last weekend.  My next post will be the race report, but I thought I'd address my obvious lack of content on this site since 5150 in August. 

5150 became a duathlon.  It was a strong bike and decent run, but nothing to brag about.  After that I did Oilman Half-Iron in November, but got sick and withdrew after the bike.  That was my first DNF ever, but I wasn't worried since it was just a "training race". 

Overall, my training progressed well.  I was much further along in swimming than I'd ever been before.  If only I could find a pair of goggles I liked!  I was feeling very strong on the bike, but I still struggled to fit in the over distance rides.  Running was my strongest event as always.  My long runs were fun and confidence inspiring.  More than anything else, I felt ready for the ironman marathon. 

Equipment wise I had everything dialed in (except for goggles).  HUUB skin suit, bike and hydration setup were slick, and a new pair of Hokas for the run.  All was set.

And then, I got to Mexico....

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